Sunday, June 24, 2012

Suzy and I took our last photo shoot outside Yuba City near a corn field. We found this cool old rusty crusty car and the owner was sweet enough to let us do are thing.  Unfortunately, the owner of the corn field which was across the street from where we were shooting, didn't like the idea of us roaming around. However, he sure didn't mind watching us! Whats up with that!! Get a grip buddy! It wasn't like we could drive away in the rusty crusty old car. The ground that the car was park in was slowly consuming it. Maybe he thought we would stick a few ears of corn under our shirts. Who knows. Besides dealing with Mr "perturbed" we had a wonderful time.

The heels are Liz Claiborne, capris are from Marshals, jewerly is Cookie lee.  Last but not least, the belt and shirt are from one of my favorite stores, Thrifty Bargin.

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