Monday, September 12, 2011

New Boots Made for Walkin'


  1. yay for your first outfit post, you look great! those boots are so cute, and so is that top!
    that picture of lia is soo adorable too! i hope you like your layout, be sure to tell my sis to link up your 'about me' and 'rss' pages...
    oh and i followed you before my sister did! some daughter in law huh? :P

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  2. you have amazing style! i love your photos and casual and classy outfit. congrats on your first outfit post!

    angie (sent by suzy! big fan of her and liana)

    pandaphilia fashion

  3. thank you so much for the positive feedback!! Us 50 something woman really appreicate it!

  4. Check out the necklace. My daughter in Law suzy made it and gave it to me. Yehaw!! I wore it to work and recieved many compliments. It's great to have such a creative daughter. Her TWIN sister who is also very creative took on the task of designing my blog. Another Yehaw to her Liana. Thanks :)