Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sometimes You've Just Gotta Give It Up and Let The "Dork" Run Free :)

(Ok, will someone pull this wheel out of my butt?)

Ok so my hubby said he'd be my photographer. Seems like neither one of us knows what we're doing - well let's say it's a "perfect match". So we were in the store playing around and I let my "dork" out as she likes to play on occasion. Besides, my hubby seems to be quite amused by her, so what the heck. Here are some "dorky" pictures of me playing model for my hubby, wearing one of our helmets. I just happened to have on a white scarf (He calls it my Caterpillar scarf) and my white knock off Uggs or Ughs, or however it's spelled.  But if you look past the goofy girl, you will see our wall display. I decorated the wall with old Harley parts (see the windshield in the far right hand corner?). I had fun putting it all together. I think I did a pretty good job on it. It actually looks better in real life. Until I learn Photoshop and can fix my pictures, you'll alll have to suffer along with me, he, he.

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