Friday, October 21, 2011

I've heard "it" always comes in three's???

This has been a very taxing week!! It started out as being issued a fix it ticket. To my surprize the tags on my truck had expired. I went to dmv and they informed me that the truck had been "salvaged".  Humm i wish my insurance company would of informed me of this. So dmv told me to go get a smog and brake and light test. Ok, so i spent a whole day surrounding "reviving" (as put by dmv) my ol beater truck. Two days latter it cost me $435.00 bucks to "revive" my truck. Ok then, on top of this, my renter calls and says the central heat/air is not working. So i called a central/heat air company, sent them to the rental. He tells me the circut board is blown. Ok please fix it. One hour goes by and low and behold, he calls me again. Oh now the motor to the central heat/air blows up. Greattttttttttttttttttt, anyway while im at the rental. I recheck under sink where there was 2 inches of standing water 2 weeks ago that i had fixed. Yeah, you guess it!! More water standing under sink. Great.  I fix it a second time. While all this is going on before the furnace went out, i had a tree man cut back two very over grown trees in the backyard of this rental. This cost me $500 bucks. So after putting out money for a motor, trees, truck. I get call from my renter!! All the electricty in the house went out!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guessed it! The tree man hit the power line blew out the electricity. PGE came in at 1:30 AM. to replace the power line. Am i in a nightmare?? Hellowwwwwwwwwwwwww

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